About David Eisner
David Eisner is an internet entrepreneur and business consultant from Los Angeles, CA (via Stamford, CT) who made his first sale on the internet in 2007. Since 2009 he's been living life on his own terms, having created a successful business from scratch from less than $200 while living in his mother's basement.

David is passionate about helping other businesses get to the next level. He's the type of consultant who can look at business and immediately see opportunities that with a few simple steps, can become your greatest wins. He's not afraid to get in there, get his hands dirty, and get the job done. Results are all that matters.

David's clients have gone from "a few customers" to 7-figure businesses and beyond. Will you and your company be the next to benefit? Get started by clicking the button below and I'll show you the latest technology I'm implementing for my clients...